Infiray UH35 Unique Monocular

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    Type Uncooled Vox
    Resolution, pixels 640×512
    Pixel, ?m 12
    NETD, mK ? 25
    Frame Rate, Hz 50
    Optical Specifications Objective Lens, mm 35
    Field of view, degree 12.5 × 9.4
    Optical Magnification, × 3 ~ 12
    Digital Zoom 1×, 2×,3×, 4×
    Exit Pupil Distance, mm 20
    Exit Pupil Diameter, mm 5.5
    Diopter, D -5 ~ +5
    Detective range, m 1800
    (Target size: 1.7m × 0.5m, P(n)=99%)
    Display Type FHD AMOLED
    Resolution, pixels 1440×1080
    Battery Battery Replaceable li-ion battery Pack IBP-1/4400Ah
    Service Voltage, V 3 ~ 4.2
    External Voltage, V 5 (Type C)
    Physical Specifications Max. Operation Time (t=22?), h? 10
    Memory Capacity, GB 32
    Operating Temperature, ? -20 ~ +50
    Weight, g ?540
    Dimension, mm 195×65×60


Introducing the InfiRay Unique UH35 Thermal Monocular, the pinnacle of professional handheld thermal imaging technology. Boasting a high-performance infrared sensor and a full-color HD AMOLED display, this device offers unparalleled imaging quality. With its up to ×20 eyepiece, it ensures an exceptional viewing experience. Plus, with a replaceable 4400mAh high-capacity lithium-ion battery pack, the UNIQUE series delivers up to 20 hours of continuous operation.

Featuring a full-screen high-definition AMOLED display, the UNIQUE series provides crystal-clear imagery with a resolution of up to 1440×1080. Coupled with the ×20 eyepiece, it offers enhanced visual clarity and comfort. With up to ×4 basic visual magnification and ×4 electronic amplification, observation experiences are significantly improved. Equipped with a 12µm Sensor featuring NETD ?25mK, the UNIQUE series ensures top-tier image quality.

With its advanced imaging sensor and lens, the detection range of the UNIQUE series extends up to 2600m, making it ideal for various outdoor applications. Thanks to its ultra-low power consumption design and the included 4400mAh lithium-ion battery pack, this device provides unmatched battery endurance, perfect for extended hunting trips.

Capture every moment with ease using the photo/video capabilities of the UNIQUE series. With a built-in microphone for synchronized audio input and a 32GB memory capacity for video and picture storage, you'll never miss a shot. Additionally, the built-in WiFi module enables seamless connection to the dedicated app for media transmission.

Choose from over 5 color palettes for precise temperature mapping, including "white hot," "black hot," "red hot," "color," and "hot target highlight." Switching between these palettes is quick and effortless, ensuring optimal performance in any situation