Biarri Camouflage by Spika


Biarri by definition is to look for or hunt, Biarri to Spika is the culmination of years of experience and passion towards hunting and the outdoors. Our select team of hunters and designers joined forces and embodied the mindset of Biarri ‘To look for or hunt’ embarking on a two year journey through the vast landscapes of Australia and New Zealand with the ultimate goal of creating a native concealment camouflage pattern, one we now know as Biarri.

Biarri has been formed to take advantage of the space between, manipulating elements from our native surroundings into micro and macro layered pattern to produce a mix of texture, depth, natural lighting, colour and shadow.

Biarri by Spika is a unique camouflage pattern that not only imitates the colours and textures experienced in the environments we hunt but also breaks down your outline.

Spika has achieved the intended goal in the creation of Biarri: Native Concealment.

Watch the creative journey behind how Spika created Biarri camouflage.

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